1. Book Fair

    Semesterly Book Fair

    The Book Fair occurs every semester as an opportunity for students to sell their old books and for other students to have a convenient place to buy the books. ESC collects a fee for each book and this money goes towards the ESC Parties and Holiday Party.
  2. New Student Orientation

    New Student Orientation

    The Cooper Union welcomes the incoming freshmen class. We encourage students to attend as many events as possible to become familiar with the school and people before classes start. (Revised schedule posted 8/18)
  3. Student's List

    Student's List

    Each semester, student's are awarded "Dean's List" for excellent performance in the classroom. The Student's List is us awarding (the top 10) professors who do the same!
  4. Engineering Week

    Engineering Week

    During the spring semester Cooper Union celebrates engineering week with contests such as the egg drop and marshmallow and spaghetti tower competition for cool prizes. Have an idea for another competition leave a comment on the contact us page.

Things Currently Happening With ESC

  • We are always having meetings amongst ourselves and with others. Please check out the minutes to catch up on what's going on.