The Cooper Union 

Engineering Student Council

2023-2024 Annum Roster:

Benjamin Aziel
Lizelle Ocfemia
Gila Rosenzweig

Grad - N/A

BSE '24 - N/A
CE '24 - Joshua Khaimov
ChE '24 - Jared Sealy
EE '24 - David Stekol
ME '24 - Kyle Deolall

BSE '25 - N/A
CE '25 - George Stathopoulos
ChE '25 - Jeremy Lugo
EE '25 - Effie Bluestone
ME '25 - Angelica Baburova

BSE '26 - Elim Hicks
CE '26 - Sinclair Kennedy-Nolle
ChE '26 - Kayla Lee
EE '26 - Nolan Griffith
ME '26 - N/A

BSE '27 - Justin Zhou
CE '27 - N/A
ChE '27 - N/A
EE '27 -  N/A
ME '27 -  N/A

The Cooper Union Engineering Student Council (ESC) is a space for students to come together and shape the school for both themselves and the students who will come after them. By maintaining channels of communication with the faculty, the staff, and the administration, ESC optimizes the student scholastic experience. The Council is at the core of the student body; it’s the organization that unites students across all majors and interests.

ESC also hosts multiple events a year, from the finals week classic Midnight Breakfast to the crowd-pleasing Faculty Fundraiser.

The participating faculty members and package deals for Faculty Fundraiser 2024 can be found here!
We currently hold meetings twice a month. In Spring 2024, our meetings will be held on:

- Monday, January 23
- Monday, February 6
- Monday, February 26
- Monday, March 11
- Monday, March 25
- Monday, April 8 (next meeting)
- Monday, April 22 (Ad-Chair Elections)
- Monday, April 29 (First Meeting Led by New Ad-Chairs)

Nominations for 2024-2025 student representatives will be collected from Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 12. Elections will be held from Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 26. The newly elected representatives’ first meeting will be on Monday, April 29.

A live document for prospective Ad-Chairs to release written statements detailing their platforms can be found here. Submissions will be allowed until Monday, April 15 to give representatives ample time for review. Prospective Ad-Chairs will give oral statements on Monday, April 22.

All meetings are held in Room 201/201A of 41 Cooper Square at 9PM. All are welcome.
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