Assistant Ad-Chair

Jeremiah Pratt


Jeremiah Pratt is a junior Electrical Engineer from Houston, Texas. He is ecstatic about the opportunity to serve the Engineering Student Council and the Engineering student body at large, and hopes to focus on making student governance more effective, particularly within the Joint Student Council. He hopes you will reach out with any concerns you have about the student council, and can usually be found on the 6th floor in jLab.


What They Do


The Ad-Chairs run the individual student councils and the Joint Student Council. They administer the Student Councils by setting the agenda for the year and for the individual meetings, scheduling and running meetings, monitoring the performance of the indicidual representatives, and keeping records of the meetings. They serve as liaison to the Deans' offices. The Engineering Student Council elects one of their chairs to the Administrative Committee of the School of Engineering. The Engineering Student Council elects an assistant chair and a secretary to assist in the running of Engineering Student Council.