Governance of the Cooper Union Engineering Student Council


Section 1: Name

  1. The name of this council, representing the students of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, shall be The Engineering Student Council.

Section 2: Purpose

  1. The Engineering Student Council operates in the best interests of the students of the School of Engineering. The Council maintains channels of communication between the students and the faculty, staff, and administration, advocating on behalf of the student body to the aforementioned parties. By providing a voice to the students of the School of Engineering, the Council seeks to improve the student scholastic experience.

Section 3: Authority

  1. The Engineering Student Council is recognized as the representative body of the Students of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering, by the Administration of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering and by the Albert Nerken School of Engineering Faculty Governance.


Section 1: Election of Student Representatives

  1. Elections are to be administered by the Dean of Students and held in the spring semester of each year, except elections for first year representatives, which are to be held early in the fall term. If multiple students are running for the representative position, a voting plurality of 50% is required in order to be elected. If a student is running unopposed, they are chosen as the representative. The term of office for each representative is from the date of their respective election until the election the following year.
  2. If less than 50% of a class votes during the spring election, the representative from that class has the option of having his/her name placed in the fall ballot in order to obtain plurality.
  3. Vacant positions on the student council at the beginning of the fall semester are to be open during the fall election.
  4. Positions vacated through resignation or dismissal, in the absence of runners-up, shall be open for reelection. Students of unrepresented sections may petition to Engineering Student Council to elect another representative. The petition requires signatures from a majority of students in that section in order for the new representative to be elected.

Section 2: Membership

  1. The voting membership of the Engineering Student Council shall consist of one representative from each major and year for the undergraduate classes, and one graduate representative.


Section 1: Administrative Chairpersons

  1. Two Administrative Chairs and one Assistant Administrative Chair will be elected by the Engineering Student Council prior to general Student Council elections with at least one meeting being held between Administrative Chair elections and the general election. This overlap period is to be used for the former Administrative Chairs to educate the incumbent Chairs as to the duties of their role.
  2. The duties of the Ad-Chairs will include:
    • Developing and distributing the agenda for council meetings to the Council in advance. Any engineering student has a right to suggest a topic on the next student council meeting agenda by written request, submitted to a representative or one of the Administrative chairs.
    • Maintaining order at council meetings.
    • Conveying council decisions to the Cooper Community and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Dean of Engineering and other members of administrative faculty.
    • Inviting guest speakers to Council meetings when the need arises.
    • Organizing and running the Engineering Open Forum.

Section 2: Secretary

  1. A secretary and an alternate will be elected by the Engineering Student Council at the same meeting as the Administrative Chairs with the same intent. In the absence of the secretary, an administrative chair can assume the secretarial responsibilities.
  2. The duties of the secretary will include:
    • Recording the minutes of council meetings.
    • Preparing the minutes of the meeting for distribution at the following meeting.

Section 3: Treasurer

  1. A treasurer and an assistant treasurer will be elected by the Engineering Student Council at the same meeting as the Administrative Chairs and Secretary, again with identical intent.
  2. The duties of the treasurer will include:
    • Preparing a budget for the Engineering Student Council and filling out the necessary JAC request forms in order to obtain funding.
    • Keeping track of Engineering Student Council expenditures.
    • Sending receipts to the Business Office for the purpose of obtaining JAC reimbursement.
    • Having council finances available for the council's inspection.

Section 4: Individual Representatives

  1. The duties of the individual representatives include:
    • Attending or sending an alternate representative to all Engineering Student Council meetings.
    • Keeping their constituents informed about the issues affecting them.
    • Remaining informed about the concerns of their constituents.
    • Representing the best interests of their respective constituencies to the best of their abilities.


Section 1: Election to Committees

  1. The Engineering Student Council shall elect from amongst its members representatives and alternates to the following Engineering School and institutional committees:
    • Committee for Academic Standards
    • Admissions Committee
    • Alumni Committee
    • Campus Security
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Faculty Student Senate
    • Humanities/Social Sciences Curriculum Committee
    • Humanities Faculty Committee
    • Information Technology Committee
    • Joint Activities Committee
    • Judicial/Judicial Appeals Committee
    • Library Committee
    • Public Events Committee
    • Student Activities Committee
  2. Engineering Student Council special committees will be formed as needed to address particular issues. Representatives to these committees will be elected by votes of confidence vote. Non-council members, having been deemed an asset to the progress of the committee, may serve on committees.

Section 2: Individual and Engineering Student Council Responsibilities To Committees

  1. Representatives must attend or send the designated alternate to all meetings of committees to which they are elected.
  2. When a representative cannot attend a committee meeting, they shall notify the alternate for the committee with sufficient notice so that the interests of the Engineering School and Engineering Student Council are adequately represented.
  3. In the event that neither committee representative nor elected alternate is available for committee meeting, the Administrative Co-Chairs have the right to appoint a council member to attend the meeting.
  4. Representatives to committees will raise and seek resolution of student concerns relevant to the committee's purpose and governance.


Section 1: Duties and Responsbilities

  1. To facilitate communication between the student body and other segments of the Cooper community, including the administration, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  2. To advocate student rights.
  3. To bring student concerns to resolution.
  4. To provide a basis for continuity and institutional memory.
  5. To sponsor the Engineering School Open Forum, a primary mechanism employed by the council to accomplish the above goals.
    1. The primary function of the Open Forum shall be to allow engineering students the opportunity to directly address administrators regarding school policy issues.
    2. The Forum shall take place at least once a Semester.
    3. The Forum shall be open to all members of the Cooper community.
    4. The Forum shall be coordinated by the ESC and presided over by the administrative co-chairs of the ESC.
    5. The ESC will determine which administrators to invite to sit on the panel.
    6. The agenda for the Forum will be left open.
    7. Preliminary remarks are at the discretion of the administrative co-chairs of the ESC.

Section 2: Removal

  1. The Engineering Student Council may, by a two-thirds vote, remove a council member for failure to perform his/her duties.
  2. The Engineering Student Council may, by a two-thirds vote, remove a council member from a particular committee for failure to perform his/her duties as a member of that committee.
  3. The Engineering Student Council may, by a two-thirds vote, remove a council officer for failure to perform his/her duties.


Section 1: Meetings

  1. The Engineering Student Council will meet at least four times a semester.
  2. A quorum is to consist of 70 percent of the members of the council.
  3. Special meetings of the Council may be called by an Administrative Co-Chair.
  4. Meetings are open to all members of the Cooper Union community.

Section 2: Absences

  1. If a council member is to be absent from a meeting, an alternate should be sent as a replacement.
  2. A council member is issued an unexcused absences if that member fails to:
    • Attend an advertised Council meeting;
    • Send a valid alternate as a replacement.
  3. If a member receives two unexcused absences, the Council by a two-thirds vote, may choose to relieve that member of his/her duties.

Section 3: Voting

  1. Decisions made by the Council on any subject matter requires a majority vote of the entire Council.
  2. A valid alternate representing an absent Council member's section may vote in lieu of that member only if that alternate is a member of the absent council member's section.


Section 1: Ratification

  1. This document, upon approval by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Engineering Student Council, shall be ratified as the Governance of the Cooper Union Engineering Student Council.

Section 2: Amendments

  1. Amendments may be made to any portion of the Engineering Student Council Governance by a two-thirds vote.


Section 1: Precedence

  1. This Governance, upon ratification, shall supersede all previous Engineering Student Council constitutions or governances.