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ESC Minutes 4/3 - (2017-04-03)


Dilara Seyman

Ariana Freitag

Kathryn Copeland
Sanjeev Mennon
Carena Toy

Michael Lange

Gabriela G.

Jeremiah Pratt

Charlie Cheng

Toby Stein

Daniel Galperin

Blossom Soifer

Anton Luz

Michael Pasternak (Late)

Monica Abdallah (Jordan V. ChemE senior)

Jason Katz

Max Summers

Romaniya V.

Where’s Jisoo, Marianne,


  1. Code of Conduct

  2. Final Const Review

  3. Committee Updates

  4. ESC Elections

  5. Diversity @ Cooper updates

  6. Dean Search Updates

  7. OPT, CPT for Intls

  8. WOS

  1. Code of Conduct

    1. Bullying moved from Class B to A

    2. How do I use this doc to protect my rights?

    3. Hearings will now include Chris Chamberlin, as well as students, faculty, and lawyer

    4. You will be put on probation if you violate this code, and the hearing committee can lift that

    5. Only applies to students and student-student interaction

  2. Constitution

    1. Edited purpose; issues of constituencies changed to resolve student issues.  Meeting next Monday to hash out changes

  3. Committee Updates

    1. Curriculum--Circuits taken out of ChemE courseload (Class of 2019 has to take it b/c of contract, will extend to current freshmen)

      1. Cannot use grad credits from undergraduate electives as progress towards your degree.  This is an enforcement of policy, not a change in policy. (no double counting)

      2. Applies to thesis and non thesis option

      3. Old Rule: 6 credits can carry over from 300 courses, unless you do a thesis, in which case 400 can carry over

      4. Hard to enforce because of lack of grad courses offered

      5. Can Stock/Raja send out an email explaining how this would work?

    2. JAC-reworking whole money awarding system

      1. Goal is strictness and transparency;

      2. Meeting again this week w/ Watkins

      3. Send suggestions to Jason Katz

  4. ESC Elections

    1. Next meeting

    2. Anyone can run

    3. Just for Cabinet! Literally anyone can run. Voted on internally by current reps.

    4. 30 sec to 1 min long speech if running opposed.

  5. Diversity

    1. Forum had low turnout, but was effective

    2. Sex and Pancakes type event, small groups.

    3. Freshmen either slept through the orientation event about this, or got something from it when they participated

      1. An RA thinks the event wasn’t effective, and RA staff isn't qualified to run a comprehensive workshop about this

      2. Diversity Council wants to create mentor program with mandatory training (student mentors)

    4. Try to hire more female faculty

      1. Make Cooper more attractive to females, like with providing time off, etc

    5. Advertise the school better at all female schools, increase female visibility on website

    6. Presenting to FSS tomorrow

    7. *Merit scholarships for women is a bad idea (MERIT IDEA SCRATCHED)

      1. Doesn't make women feel equal, could fuel argument that women dont deserve to be here

      2. But also, other schools give incentive packages to women, which is why we have low enrollment here

      3. Would be better if third party group could do this

      4. Could give women at the top of their class scholarships (semesterly or yearly look at Cooper GPAs and the top X% get merit)

        1. But this creates competition

    8. We don’t have professional development geared towards women specifically, so instead of giving merit scholarships to women and causing controversy, funds could be put towards a program like this

      1. No one talks about how women should dress, for example, since there are so many unwritten rules about this

    9. Publicize statistics on percent of women who go here, and percent of them at the top of the class, and if the statistics show women are performing very well, we should publicize this

      1. This might be illegal though b/c of FERPA

  6. Dean Search

    1. 4 candidates, Ad Chairs interview the candidates separate from faculty

      1. Will update us when all four interviews are over

    2. More interviews over 2 weeks

    3. Ask about their background and why they want to work there, and give them info on Cooper

      1. Pass along info to ad chairs that you want the Dean to know

    4. Meeting w Laura next Thursday, then meeting with faculty members after that (which is weird)

    5. Laura has final say, so it’ll be at least 2-3 weeks before she decides

  7. OPT/CPT

    1. OPT is optional practice training

      1. Must work in field related to major for a restricted amount of day

      2. Can get this counted as CPT if the Dean approves it so that you don't eat away at your OPT days, which allow you to stay in the country after graduation

    2. Schools usually give credits for internship so that it's legal, but the school doesn't do that.

      1. But don't want to give students money and credit at the same time

    3. Dean just needs to sign off that the internship is relevant to the major for CPT

    4. Need John Falls for both OPT/CPT but he’s not here. So if Dean signs as John falls, who is going to sign as the Dean.

    5. 90 Day lag time for Summer 2017.

    6. DIRECT people to Ad Chairs, Dean, Newmark

  8. WOTS

    1. Registration moved to 9 am on 18th.