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4/17 Meeting - (2017-04-17)


Carena Toy

Sanjeev Mennon

Dilara Seyman

Kathryn Coopeland

Ariana Freitag

Michael Lange

Jeremiah Pratt

Gabriela G.

Charlie Cheng

Tobias Stein

Daniel Galperin

Anton Luz

Jessica Marshall (Jason Katz’s alternate)

Max Summers


Michael Pasternak

Monica Abdallah/Jordan V.





Jordan V.


1. dean search updates

2. committee updates

3. final (pls) constitution review

4. elections (chairs, secretary, treasurer)

5. WOtS

  1. Dean Search Updates

    1. Past 2 weeks ad chairs have been meeting with the 4 candidates.  The pros and cons of each candidates are being presented to Laura, and she will decide

    2. Info about each candidate

      1. Care for undergrad ed, entrepreneurship, push to undergraduate research, pro-flip classroom style (less lecture more group work) (note the dean cannot actually change the teaching style directly), hourglass position of Dean, wants better industry representation of Cooper

        1. Ad chairs felt she was bland, insincere, probably the worst candidate

        2. Asked about outward facing vs inward facing dean, school is probably looking for outward facing

      2. “Why Cooper?” Advanced role for them, wants more interdisciplinary work, keeps current trends in education in mind, project based learning, outward facing if inward forcing is handled elsewhere, has had associate dean (inward facing) position at an Ivy league school, understands financial situation, wants to address scheduling

        1. Misc. PhD level physicist wrote Dynamics textbook

        2. Asked about what do you do for fun, reads people well

        3. Liked the most by ad chairs

        4. Has experience dealing with stubborn faculty

        5. Warning: Faculty thinks this person is not going to look for consensus, while is Dahlberg-esque, and scaring the faculty

      3. K-20 engineering education, facetime is necessary in industry, prioritize diversity, admission requirements shift from score base to holistic, must address disruption in engineering (as a field, a study), values alumni donations and relations and scholarships, **this candidate read the pioneer for the past two years and asked about Gabby’s mental health article**, **don’t distract yourselves with the four letter word free, focus on alumni relations, while this could be troubling, Laura also said the same thing**,

        1. We haven’t been truly free regardless of background because there are thresholds to education that Cooper has inadvertently put in place (more on this later)

        2. Biggest change candidate with references to disruption, he doesn’t exactly know that big overhauls won’t go over well here

        3. Nuanced issue regarding women admissions

      4. Why Cooper? Hated undergrad engineering edu, hated researcher focus over teaching focus, Cooper offers nonresearch focused undergrad edu, shift from blackboard to design classes and project based work, had a lot of inward ideas on how to teach and include entrepreneurial skills, hands on courses, was not a fan of how many classes we take, taught 10 courses at uni level, 4 of which were created by the candidate, very personable, worried about how the faculty would view this candidate

        1. Shift in curriculum would change how professors teach courses

        2. Asked ad chairs which classes were useless

      5. Opinions are very mixed around the school

        1. Ad chairs think no one incredibly bad, no one incredibly bored

        2. Could also be no decision

      6. Lots of buzzwords thrown around (disruption, flip classroom), all candidates didn’t completely get the vibe here

      7. First candidate mentioned interdisciplinary work WITHIN engineering school, second candidate mentioned ID work amongst all the schools

  2. Committee Updates

    1. Library Committee

      1. Their budget is tight, must cut $54000 for next year,

      2. If they wanted library open to 11 pm everyday, need $36000, if 10 pm everyday would need $28000

    2. FSS met, passed document we discussed last week

      1. Meeting with Laura and Chris about Code of Conduct

    3. FUN committee

      1. Building 24 hrs next Wed, lets do midnight breakfast soon

        1. Make pancakes and buy food

        2. Kathryn Sanjeev ariana max, anton dilara, gab, romaniya carena want to help

    4. HSS curriculum meeting tomorrow

      1. Will discuss HUM minor (5 extra HSS classes)

      2. Would be specialized, for example American Literature or Sociology

      3. Arch has HSS minor

      4. Must pass HSS council, Engineering Curriculum council, Dean’s office, Presidents Office, Trustees, so could begin in two academic years at the earliest

    5. JAC feedback forum

      1. People who show up to these meetings regarding how funding goes will decide the future

  3. In light of recent event, we discussed suicide and mental health awareness resources at Cooper

    1. Lack of acknowledgement in engineering school, Laura is aware of this

    2. Sensitivity training for profs (Laura touched on this)

MEETING ADJOURNED EARLY, will continue with agenda at a later point in time.