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4/24 Cabinet Elections - (2017-04-24)

April 24th, 2017


Sanjeev Menon

Ariana Freitag

Dilara Seyman

Kathryn Copeland

Carena Toy

Michael Lange

Jeremiah Pratt

Charlie Cheng

Gabriela Godlewski

Marianne Tymocz

Daniel Galperin

Toby Stein

Anton Luz

Blossom Soifer

Jason Katz

JIsoo Park

Michael Pasternak

Romaniya V.
Max Summers

Jordan V.

urer to constitution

**Form resolution to amend Constitution to add Assistant Treasurer position


  1. Elections

    1. Ad Chairs: Dan and Toby

    2. Ass. Ad Chair: Jeremiah Pratt

    3. Sec: Michael Lange

    4. Treas.: Gabby

    5. Assistant Treas. Dilara

    6. Motion accepted to add Assistant Treasurer to Constitution