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Last Meeting - (2017-05-01)


Ariana Freitag

Sanjeev Mannon

Kathryn Copeland




Michael Lange

Jeremiah Pratt

Anton Luz

Toby Stein

Daniel Galperin

Marianne Tymocz
Blossom Soifer

Max Summers

Jason Katz

Jisoo Park

Michael Pasternak

Absent:senior ChemEs, romaniya, charlie cheng


Committee Updates

JSC/Code of Conduct

Constitution Ratification


  1. Committee Updates

    1. Library has nothing new

    2. Public events won't start up again until next fall

    3. HSS

      1. Working on HSS minor for engineers, Stock waiting for Germano to help him out with this

      2. The class of 2019 will be first year eligible! 6 disciplines to choose from

      3. Having specific tracks is too restricting for students, might be nice to have a general option

      4. Romaniya and Toby are on this committee

      5. Class of 2019 will probably have to “back-qualify” for this major at this point, because Stock and Germano are not fully establishing what the requirements are for this

        1. B/c of the lack of information, we can’t publicize this to the school yet. Germano and Stock need to get on this

    4. Fun committee

      1. Who is available to help out during midnight breakfast?

  2. Code of Conduct

    1. New CoC approved, but new language to allow for an appeals process by an assailant or a victim will be discussed and voted on tomorrow (current language only allows assailants to appeal I think)

    2. Some people feel that the new document outlines an appeal process that doesn’t fit with the proposed new language

    3. Some people think this needs more thought because the new language is vague

    4. Language to be voted on is in ESC group

  3. New constitution ratified

  4. Voting

    1. 5 more days of voting or tabling voting to the fall

    2. Don't need plurality in the fall if you run unopposed, but this would be a re-election for sections w/o a representative

      1. People are annoyed about voting now, and will.also be annoyed about voting in the fall

    3. If there is a tie, a re-election is called

    4. Can we change our votes? Probably not, but Toby will ask Chris Watkins

    5. **Will keep voting open for midnight breakfast and require people to vote to get food, then any section still unrepresented will be voted upon in the fall**

    6. Update on plurality will happen after the meeting

  5. Wots

    1. Propose 2 committees to work over summer:

      1. Party committee with Dan as chair

        1. Funding from ESC

        2. 5 ppl on this committee plus the chair

        3. Probably around $3000

        4. Mary, Ariana, Kathryn, Blossom, Marianne (Dan as Chair)

      2. Make a case that this is a better engineering school than others

        1. Want quantitative and qualitative evidence of this

        2. Exercise in gathering information

        3. 25% of students take master’s credits, people take hard classes for fun

        4. Should understand what donors would look for

        5. Motorsports does fundraising like this

        6. Creating a narrative more so than attracting donors--could pass this along to Communications

        7. “Narrative Committee” or “marketing Committee”

        8. Can we make certain spins on Cooper things, like representing master’s classes as overachieving, in an honest way?

        9. We don’t know who we would present this to.  Collect information and hand it over to Communications team

        10. Donors vs. sponsors

        11. 10 people will be on the committee and will figure out how to divvy up the work :

          1. Michael Pasternak

          2. Mary (Chair)

          3. Dan Galperin

          4. Ariana

          5. Kathryn

          6. Gabriela

          7. Blossom

          8. Sanjeev

          9. Jeremiah

          10. Toby

          11. Michael Lange

    2. Registration

      1. Changed to 9 am to help architects (historically)

    3. MacArthur Foundation committee

      1. Mary

      2. Me

      3. Gabriela G

      4. Kathryn

      5. Sanjeev

      6. Ariana

      7. Carena

    4. Female engineering stories pass along to Mary, could be miniseries about Cooper Union

      1. Pasternak

      2. Mrianne

      3. Anton

      4. Ariana

      5. Kathryn

      6. Sanjeev

      7. Mary