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ESC Fall 2017 First Meeting - (2017-09-11)

ESC Fall 2017 First Meeting


Kathryn Copeland

Carena Toy

Ali Rahman

Sanjeev Menon

Dilara Seyman

Michael Lange

Jacob Maarek

Brian Frost LaPlante

Jeremiah Pratt

Gabriela Godlewski

Arvinth S.

Anton Luz

Toby Stein

Dan Galperin

Marianne Tymocz




Harvey relief

SSU review and revote

Freshman reps


  1. Party

    1. Need ideas for party to make it bangin

    2. Location: Huge rooftop in Soho

      1. Got this from Jackie Baum for free!

    3. Some people prefer partying in the NAB vs Soho rooftop

      1. Party could be too visible to passerbys if its in the gallery or something

    4. Need to do this really soon or in the spring, decide now

    5. ESC will card, can serve drinks

    6. Dont like idea of Great Hall, or foundation or gallery, rooftop

    7. Nov 11th

      1. Kathryn

      2. Anton

      3. Carena

      4. Marianna

      5. Ariana

      6. Gabby

      7. Dan G.

      8. Arvinth

  2. Block Party

    1. Sat Sept 23rd Peter Cooper block party

    2. CUAA used to operate it

    3. Last year it was run by Casey and Vic, they’re doing it again

    4. OPEN to ideas!!

    5. What’s there? Bouncy castle, Astor Alive is same time!

    6. Working on bbq permit

  3. Book Fair

    1. Donations in the back of the wallet

    2. Use the right number when logging!!

    3. Freshmen: Is bookfair helpful?

      1. Generally yes

    4. Proposed: An overhauling of the old stocks of books, come back to this after bookfair

  4. Hurricane Relief: Donate money from bookfair to hurricane relief efforts

    1. Where exactly do we donate this?? Not easy to find an unproblematic charity

    2. On the fence with Red Cross

    3. Greater Houston Community Fund goes to houston mayor (one option)

    4. Houston Humane Society (for pets)

    5. All Hands (emergency management

    6. Foundation Beyond Belief

    7. Team Rubicon

    8. Will do Harvey and Irma

    9. Should donate to a charity that will help victims of both Harvey and Irma since we don’t have too much money

    10. What about Caribbean Islands that are decimated? Should we donate to them? A Charity that helps both America and Islands?

    11. Specifying a charity could make people donate more

  5. SSU Review and Revote

    1. How does Cooper stack against our competitors? Prove Cooper is awesome and get the word out!

    2. Will have biweekly meetings

    3. Anyone else want to join?

      1. Jacob Maarek

      2. Arvinth

      3. Ali R

      4. Brighton

    4. Jump ship: Me, Jeremiah

  6. Freshmen Elections

    1. Frosh elections happen end of September

    2. Runs through ESC website

    3. Need 5 signatures to run, submit form to ESC or office

    4. Majority and plurality vote, unless unopposed

    5. ESC needs to be advertised more, maybe some posters, frosh don’t know what it is (even though we had a good turnout)

    6. We have holes to fill in other years

    7. How do we handle when people switch majors? Chris watkins is updating the roster

  7. WOTS

    1. What we discuss STAYS in this room!

    2. Headshots in career fair (Sept 26th)

      1. Jolie is getting Margaret to do them!

      2. Need ESC volunteers to coordinate this

        1. Sanjeev Menon

        2. Kathryn C.

        3. Toby Stein

        4. Jeremiah

        5. Dan Galperin

        6. Jacob Maarek

        7. Michael Lange

      3. White backdrop

    3. JAC Allocations: Pasternak and Jason Katz, need two new people for this committee!

      1. Carena Toy

      2. Marianne Tymocz

    4. Students from any school can take a class at other schools with permission from that other schools’ admin and your advisory

    5. 6 open credits for non-tech electives

      1. Dan G. will ask Stock to put out an email about this

    6. For BSE’s, make friends with a professor to help you out with making a plan, then go to Dean Stock to get approved

      1. Hiring a new asst. Dean in Eng school, and she’ll be taking care of BSE stuff

    7. We have a new Int’l student advisor

    8. Any word on registration time for next semester? Master’s had midnight


    10. JSC is first Tuesday of every month!

      1. Need elections for these before October, freshmen are able to run

    11. Jolie now runs career office for all three schools!

    12. Drafting equipment at the book fair??