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11/26/18 Meeeting - (2018-11-26)


Gabriela Godlewski (CE'19)
Ariana Freitag (EE'20)
Jack Batson (ChE'21)
Michael Lange (ChE'20)
Jenna Scott (CE'21)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)
Alexander Cho (CE)
Daniel Kim (EE)
Jinwook Lee (ME)
e Harper Clees-Baron (BSE)

Brighton Huynh (CE)
Omar Thenmalai (EE)
Harris Paspuleti (ME) (absent)
Emily Frank (BSE) (medical leave)

Peter Zhao (ChE)
Sanjeev Menon (CE)
Yingzhi Hao (EE)
Olivia Park (ME)
Carena Toy (BSE)

Christina Byers (ChE)
Kirsten Ondris (CE)
Brian Frost-LaPlante (EE) (absent)
Jacob Maarek (ME)
George Ho (BSE)
Dilara Seyman (ME) (medical leave)


Midnight Breakfast

Committee updates

Open floor

  1. Midnight Breakfast

    1. Building will go to 24 hr access near finals week

    2. We give coffee and breakfast foods at midnight to the student body

    3. Almost entirely student run, but Frankie’s sometimes helps out

      1. Ad chairs and treasurer will talk to Frankie’s

    4. *Ad chairs: figure out when the building goes 24 hours*, Dec 11th is tentative date

    5. 3 ppl to buy ingredients

      1. Pancake Mix

      2. French toast? (was painful)

      3. Let’s do waffles!

      4. Bagels

      5. Frankie’s: hash browns, bacon, sausage,

      6. Kosher is possible, and vegan was tough: let’s do vegan cream cheese and maybe store bought vegan waffles

    6. 1 person to hit up frankie’s

    7. Barrier of people b/w the line and what Frankie’s is offering (bacon ran out in 5 minutes)

    8. 5-7 helpers

    9. Budget is $350

    10. Advertise well

    11. Push coffee cart around Foundation

    12. Don’t plug everything into one socket

    13. Batson and Alexa will run around in elf costume?

  2. Committee Updates

    1. JAC is being overhauled, but for next year at the earliest

      1. Goal is to change constitution

      2. Purchases being heavily scrutinized since funding is tight

    2. Budget committee: new microwave in Frankie’s!!

      1. Batson working on getting holiday decor

      2. Floyd needs to clear up what the fire code is before placing decor

      3. Let’s make a budget for next semester before this semester ends

        1. Batson will make a proposal budget for the next meeting

    3. HSS Curriculum committee meeting this week, will be open to students:

      1. 12-2 LL101 HSS faculty student meeting (preliminary meeting)

      2. 1 hour meeting on Wednesday that will be posted about on Facebook (1-2 room 502) *This is the official meeting with voting*

  3. Open Floor

    1. An Ad agency in Portland wants to promote adidas at Cooper and give away merchandise during finals week

      1. Would need volunteers for this

    2. ABET and Middle States accreditation bodies have both highlighted that gender discrimination is a significant problem at Cooper, and this was not recognized by the Dean’s office, who claimed that ABET re-accreditation was a resounding success

    3. Diversity Task Force is supposed to submit report to Laura on Wednesday, but the DTF seems to have imploded and there is no report at the moment

      1. Restructuring the task force is underway though

    4. When will Shoop be here next? Ask Dean Stock

    5. Therapy dog session within the next 2 weeks: Appa with Michelle and Harley with Will

      1. 3 of our previous dogs retired, one passed away