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esc 12.3.18 - (2018-12-03)


Jeremiah Pratt (EE'19)
Gabriela Godlewski (CE'19)
Ariana Freitag (EE'20)
Dilara Seyman (ME'20) (medical leave)
Jack Batson (ChE'21)
Michael Lange (ChE'20)
Jenna Scott (CE'21)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)
Alexander Cho (CE)
Daniel Kim (EE)
Jinwook Lee (ME)
e Harper Clees-Baron (BSE)

Brighton Huynh (CE)
Omar Thenmalai (EE) (absent)
Harris Paspuleti (ME)
Emily Frank (BSE) (absent)

Peter Zhao (ChE)
Sanjeev Menon (CE) (absent)

Yingzhi Hao (EE)
Olivia Park (ME)
Carena Toy (BSE)

Christina Byers (ChE) (skylar is alternate)
Kirsten Ondris (CE)
Brian Frost-LaPlante (EE) (absent)
Jacob Maarek (ME)
George Ho (BSE)


midnight breakfast

open floor


  • laptop usage

    • be cool guys

    • no official ruling, but do your best

  • midnight breakfast

    • getting food from frankie’s

      • hot food!!!

      • they’re bringing coffee and tea

    • dietary stuff??

      • alexa’s working w kosher stuff

      • ariana will figure out vegan stuff

        • probably make it beforehand and heat it up

        • frozen vegan waffles? pancakes?

    • sign up to help!!!

  • snacks for next week’s meeting

    • getting nachos and chips and salsa and guac

  • committee updates

    • hss curriculum

      • two new art history courses

      • pandit won’t be here next semester :((((

        • might want to switch, unsure what/if will take its place

      • full-time faculty is committed to restructuring

        • new working groups, unclear what exactly each group will do, but will figure it out

        • open to students

    • jac

      • minor changes coming for next semester

        • instead of individual events, one big spreadsheet

          • itemized lists

        • emails w feedback abt why not all funding was met

        • moving up date by which requests must be sent in by a week

        • students would like a list of purchases that will be scrutinized more

          • they’re working on it -- dos and don’ts will be sent out for spring

        • fix weekly calendar pls!

  • open floor

    • council on shared learning

      • chris chamberlin wants jsc to facilitate student member nominations

      • you can nominate faculty members -- check your email

    • diversity task force?

      • report was supposed to be delivered last wednesday, was pushed back to get feedback

      • will be made public soon after the board of trustees sees it

      • recommendations range from concrete to abstract to… vague

    • 3-d printing rules

      • art and architecture students seem unaware of rules, despite being sent the rules

    • computer science minor?

      • other depts are wary of giving ees so much oversight, basically made for ees

      • timeline is pushed back

      • move classes like dsa to csxxx? like csxxx instead of ecexxx

    • new study lounges

      • december 11th is new deadline

      • unclear if this includes transformation of 6th and 7th floor lounges