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last jsc meeting of the semester - (2018-12-04)


  • strategic planning feedback

  • changes to jac

  • supporting student leaders

  • cu medical leave policy

  • council on shared learning

  • open floor


  1. strategic planning feedback

    1. anything?

    2. posters near elevators seem pretty thorough

      1. made by art alum

      2. digital copies available, ask ariana

    3. misadvertisement of cooper union

      1. first years have said it was advertised to them as a design school. it isn’t.

        1. laura spoke on this at art faculty meeting, but not with students when it was brought up

      2. architecture school has gotten students and faculty involved with publications for prospective students to reduce that misadvertisement -- potential to expand to all three schools

      3. people just assume that bc it’s three tiny schools together that it’s interdisciplinary -- including current students

    4. the term “interdisciplinary” is never clear

      1. shop in foundation is being expanded to be more useful to all three schools, but shops in nab aren’t

      2. according to laura sparks in art faculty meeting, the intent is not to meld all three schools -- there is a limit to interdisciplinarity

    5. a push from students to make the intent of the school more clear

      1. trails into council on shared learning

      2. seems like administration isn’t in a place to make statement on intent of school

  2. changes to jac

    1. jac is working w office of student affairs to change it up

    2. upcoming changes:

      1. move up deadline for funding requests

      2. more in-depth requests

      3. clubs will get feedback abt why they didn’t get funding

      4. examples of good vs bad requests will be distributed

      5. basically requests will be looked at more holistically

    3. jac has been asked to be more scrutinizing by administration

    4. roles of student banker and secretary have changed over time

      1. roles will be redefined

    5. issues w clubs buying equipment, then not keeping it on campus

      1. looking into dedicated club storage

    6. rubrics and outlines are coming

    7. incorporating new rules for new clubs -- nothing is finalized

      1. cap on funding per semester -- $250? $500?

    8. role of impact on student body in approving/denying funding

  3. supporting student leaders

    1. mary dwyer wants to do something

    2. institutional support

      1. training? administrative help?

    3. but what’s the bar for student leaders

    4. difference between support and rewards

      1. rewards are weird -- don’t want to incentivize being a leader just for the sake of the reward

    5. talk of receptions after great hall events

      1. right now it seems arbitrary which students are invited

      2. mary said something about inviting student leaders, but mostly in consensus that it should be more open than that

      3. lottery system?

      4. will hit up krystal, other relevant people

    6. formal vs informal pathways

      1. leadership programs

        1. workshops

      2. informal events -- a la happy hours

        1. speeches of gratitude

    7. independent study credit as a form of compensation?

      1. $$$ compensation for student leaders???

  4. cooper medical leave

    1. student was promised accomodation after severe medical emergency

      1. professors wanted to withdraw them w/o their involvement

    2. current process is a mess

      1. medical emergency happens. student reaches out to chris chamberlin. he tells student the options (small amt of time, taking the rest of the semester off). student and chris reach out to dean of student’s school. dean and chris work it out with faculty.

        1. at least in engineering school, usually the issue is with faculty not holding up to promises

        2. issue is generally that the process isn’t formalized

        3. different policies for full semester vs a few weeks, month

      2. withdrawing isn’t supposed to involve faculty, incomplete does

        1. but faculty has ability to withdraw/fail you if you don’t meet attendance requirements, regardless of whether you have illness leave

    3. but if process gets formalized, it could be harder to optimize for each case

    4. professor and student should have a “””contract””” for illness leave

      1. this is what the professor will provide, this is what the student will do

      2. this way it’s in writing, professor can’t go back on word

  5. council of shared learning

    1. recent email from laura sparks

    2. jsc and individual student councils will be figuring out how to nominate, elect the 9 student members (3 from each school)

    3. unclear what role of student member involves

    4. in previous iteration, faculty members would have gotten stipends for sitting on council

      1. if it’s the same now, and depending on role of students, should student members get paid?

      2. unknown if there’s a precedent for this kind of work

        1. student banker and secretary get paid

    5. going to wait for more info re: roles, timeline, more info abt council

    6. want to appoint faculty by jan 14

      1. nominate faculty -- link in email

    7. ra application process is something to look at, potentially emulate

      1. 2 letters of rec, 4 essays, group processing

  6. open floor

    1. 3d printing and laser cutting requests

      1. issues with optimizing use of 3d printers

      2. makerspace provides filament, 3d printers in foundation do not (you have to buy your own)