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Final Meeting Fall 2018 - (2018-12-17)


Gabriela Godlewski (CE'19)

Ariana Freitag (EE'20)

Jack Batson (ChE'21)

Michael Lange (ChE'20)

Jenna Scott (CE'21)

Sanjna Rao (ChE) (absent)

Alexander Cho (CE)

Daniel Kim (EE)

Jinwook Lee (ME)

e Harper Clees-Baron (BSE)

Brighton Huynh (CE)

Omar Thenmalai (EE)

Harris Paspuleti (ME)

Emily Frank (BSE) (absent)

Peter Zhao (ChE)

Sanjeev Menon (CE)

Yingzhi Hao (EE)

Olivia Park (ME)

Carena Toy (BSE)

Christina Byers (ChE)

Kirsten Ondris (CE)

Brian Frost-LaPlante (EE) (absent)

Jacob Maarek (ME)

George Ho (BSE)

Dilara Seyman (ME) (medical leave)



1.     Exam Archive

a.     Dean Stock said to professors that students hold on to old exams

b.     Should the Dean’s Office make a public archive to level the playing field? Should ESC take a position on this?

c.     If professors don’t agree to this/think it is cheating openly, then we are contradicting our previous stance on cheating

d.     It’s a great idea because the discrepancy between access to old exams is highly dependent on your social circle and that is unfair

                   i. Everyone has access to the CivE drive that shares old exams, so that is leveling the playing field

e.     Would this be required of every class? The teachers that wouldn’t want students to have old exams are the ones that this would be the most hurtful for.

f.      Seems very murky, can we get more info on what precisely we would be backing before taking a stance?

g.     It is beneficial if professors can opt in/out of it, so if there are old exams that are already floating around, we can open up access to those exams

h.     Even though this doesn’t get rid of the whole problem of certain students having access to exams, it will reduce the number of instances where this happens (there will always be professors who will not want to participate in this)

                   i. We could ask if the Dean has the power to mandate this from every professor

       i. Continue discussion in the spring

2.     Collective Council on Shared Learning

a.     9 Faculty, 3 students from each school, Kit Nicholls and Chris Chamberlin

b.     They want student council to run selection process for this council

c.     Each council would hold their own election

d.     Unclear what position will be

e.     Faculty are doing open nomination from other faculty and students, then they will choose from those nominated

f.      Two deliverables: Interim report coming at end of spring 2019, final report coming at end of fall 2019

g.     Co-chairs have not been chosen

h.     Meet about once a month

i.      Q&A form for people to nominate themselves? Require one rep from each year for age diversity?

j.      Can we do an info session with admin so that students can get information and garner interest?

                   i. There’s no more info available than what was sent out in email

k.     Will Laura incentive this? Faculty will need to be incentivized because of union rule, students might get credit or get paid

                  i. There could be students who go after this just because of the incentive

l.      What about a debate for the candidates? That way we could see what ideas they have for shared learning. Also, we could have people vote at the debate.

m.   Proposal: Open call at beginning of Spring, have people nominate/self-nominate, have ESC vote

n.     What if put out open call for noms now and see how many we get? Then we can decide how to vote. **IT has been agreed we will do this**

3.     Committee Updates

a.     HSS Committee

                   i. New Committee: 3 Faculty and 1 student from each school

                  ii. ESC in charge of getting 1 student from each school

                  iii. Came from Curriculum meeting, want students to help revamp curriculum

                  iv. This three-committee model (Curriculum, Faculty, now new Curriculum) is inefficient, but structure of this committee is unclear and revamping the model would be helpful

b.     Fun Committee

                   i. Midnight breakfast was great!

4.     Open Floor

a.     A professor was manipulative via email to students, the Dean has anonymized set of these emails

                   i. Professors should not play games with students

                  ii. The Dean was made aware of these complaints and we’ll see what happens

b.     Meet the new Dean at Phebe’s tomorrow night at 6!

c.     Buildings and grounds sent a demo team to knock down the Admissions office and remodel it without telling the admissions office

d.     Students want a final week back; Toni and Laura are working on it with the Dean

                   i. They are also working on a reading week

                  ii. Carena said she’ll work on it herself with the students who want it if no one else will do anything

e.     It’s really cold at night, and the night temperature schedule is different from the day schedule and allows the building to cool to save money. Also, thermostats don’t function properly.