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First Meeting Spring 2019 - (2019-01-14)


Gabriela Godlewski (CE'19)
Ariana Freitag (EE'20)
Jack Batson (ChE'21)
Michael Lange (ChE'20)
Jenna Scott (CE'21)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)
Alexander Cho (CE) absent
Daniel Kim (EE)
Jinwook Lee (ME)
e Harper Clees-Baron (BSE)

Brighton Huynh (CE)
Omar Thenmalai (EE)
Harris Paspuleti (ME)
Emily Frank (BSE) (absent)

Peter Zhao (ChE)
Sanjeev Menon (CE)
Yingzhi Hao (EE)
Olivia Park (ME)
Carena Toy (BSE)

Christina Byers (ChE)
Kirsten Ondris (CE)
Brian Frost-LaPlante (EE) (resigned)
Jacob Maarek (ME)
George Ho (BSE)
Dilara Seyman (ME) (absent)

  1. Book Fair

    1. Process: and login w/ Cooper email and password

      1. Deposit tab to add seller and book being sold

        1. Seller’s contract if first time selling

      2. Place stock ID and price on a sticky note in the inside cover of the book

      3. Cart tab to sell--check paid after money is exchanged

        1. When someone collects their money they have to collect all their unsold books at the same time

      4. Price Change tab to change price

      5. Can also set up text notifications, hold on books for 30 min

    2. Old ESC Stock has high prices so books aren’t selling, will set low prices for these books ($5 for HSS books for ex) to offload stock

      1. Make sure to charge people based on the price listed on the website, not the sticky notes

      2. Make sure price isn’t too low so we undercut the student body

      3. Can get rid of PChem books since so course uses these now

    3. Lot’s of textbooks were left behind from the locker cleanout last semester and they’re just sitting in B&G, can we sell them? (The books are untagged so it’s tough to return them to their original orders)

      1. If we sold them, can the money go to something specifically student oriented? Like whiteboards by the new couches?

      2. Not all of these books are textbooks, can book fair volunteers organize these into relevant books and irrelevant books during their downtime to sell?

      3. Could we just pass the books on to the library?

      4. Let’s reach out to B&G about all these ideas and see what they say.

  2. Council on Shared Learning Update

    1. Need nominations (including self-noms) to sit on the council (3 eng reps)

    2. Little information on this council, this is unfair to students. Need to poke Chris and Laura for concrete information

      1. Faculty likely already selected

    3. We get to decide how to select the reps from the noms

    4. Debate is helpful to hear their ideas; have candidates submit a statement

      1. If we have candidates write a statement, Laura and Chris should come up with a question for them to answer to ensure the statement is relevance.

    5. Voting process similar to trustee? Turnout could be too low for that

      1. Could set a voting time where candidates present and anyone who wants to show up, ESC or not, can cast a vote

      2. That being said, what about a voting table with paper ballots?

      3. If ESC reps just vote, it becomes too similar to an ESC committee and it might not reflect the variety of ideas students could bring

    6. Have candidates come talk to ESC?

    7. Have candidates present during club hours and have students vote in person?

      1. People may have too many conflicts to come during club hours

    8. Close noms by next meeting

    9. Honor code style: have reps ask sections what they think, and represent their sections opinion

    10. Feels too vague to proceed with election process, ask admin for more info

      1. How would more information help the election process? Would it?

      2. If nominees had more information on what they were getting into, the process will be more genuine

    11. People can still withdraw nominees, so we can decide a process and pass along more info from admin and proceed with our process

    12. Do ad chairs ask admin for more info and clarification? 17-2-0 YES

    13. Do we proceed with given timeline (results at end of next meeting)? 12-0-4 YES

    14. What election procedure? 1) Just ESC Votes 2) Everyone who can show up to a room at a date and time votes 3) Ranked Popular Vote open to the public

      1. 5 votes for option 1, 9 votes for option 2, 3 votes for option 3

      2. Run off b/w opt 1 and 2

        1. 9 votes for opt 2; 8 votes for opt 1

        2. OPTION 2 WINS

      3. Will have voting meeting Jan 29th during Club Hours

  3. Committee Updates

    1. Informal HSS Curr change for HSS3

      1. Adjuncts would teach for 3 hours, get more small class time and not big lecture

      2. IDS style

    2. Admissions is meeting Feb 5th or 12th

    3. Floyd said anything about B&G? No, but Jenna wants to be on it!

  4. Open Floor

    1. People can’t access lockers b/c it’s covered by construction stuff

    2. Petition to bring finals week back with a reading week

      1. Can she leave it at book fair? Does ESC wanna back it?

        1. ESC can consider voting on it after it has signatures

    3. Brian Frost resigned from rep status and sat on curriculum committee, new candidates must submit a simple majority petition to take the position,

      1. Jacob Maarek and Sanjeev will serve on curriculum committee