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esc meeting budget - (2019-01-28)


Jeremiah Pratt (EE'19) (absent)
Gabriela Godlewski (CE'19) (absent)
Ariana Freitag (EE'20)
Dilara Seyman (ME'20) (medical leave)

Jack Batson (ChE'21)
Michael Lange (ChE'20)
Jenna Scott (CE'21)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)
Alexander Cho (CE)
Daniel Kim (EE)
Jinwook Lee (ME)
e Harper Clees-Baron (BSE)

Brighton Huynh (CE)
Omar Thenmalai (EE) (absent)
Harris Paspuleti (ME)
Emily Frank (BSE) (absent)

Peter Zhao (ChE)
Sanjeev Menon (CE)
Yingzhi Hao (EE) (late)
Olivia Park (ME)
Carena Toy (BSE)

Christina Byers (ChE)
Kirsten Ondris (CE)
Jacob Maarek (ME)
George Ho (BSE)



-CSL voting on Tuesday, process (everybody better show up!!!)

-Starting to think abt Student Trustee process

-How do administrators pick people for exclusive meetings and committees?

-committee updates

-open floor



  1. csl

    1. voting is tmrw!!! rm 104!!! club hours!!!!

    2. everyone nominated has a 60 second speech

    3. votes of confidence

    4. will end around 1 for meet the dean ;)

    5. in total 11 nominees

      1. each year fairly well represented

  2. student trustee process

    1. two students with full voting privileges on board of trustees

    2. once a student wins the election, their school cannot run the following semester

  3. how do administrators pick people for exclusive meetings and committees?

    1. this agenda point was added by someone who isn’t currently here, and did not provide elaboration.

    2. seniors and student leaders have been asked to form advisory committee for dean??

      1. external advisory transition team meeting

      2. certain people were invited

      3. included heads of swe, heads of esc, and paulo serodio

        1. related to abet accreditation, possibly?

    3. adchairs are meeting new trustee

      1. dwight mcbride

      2. wondering how he got to cooper?

  4. committee updates

    1. jac

      1. met :)

      2. deadline is wednesday

      3. supposed to send out an email with better info

        1. adchairs will ask david robbins for an official thing

        2. carena will put up some bullet points, will also look over submissions if you want

        3. submit by events

      4. new banker is aidan smolar

      5. new website?

        1. not hopeful :(

      6. looking into storage for clubs

      7. now meeting twice a month

        1. entire committee will review receipts and reimbursements

        2. may be able to shift money between events if you hit them up in time

    2. admissions

      1. february 12th

    3. hss curriculum meeting

      1. meeting next week

    4. budget

      1. spring event -- probably casino night

        1. $150

          1. yes

      2. midnight breakfast

        1. $350

          1. yes

      3. new grill for midnight breakfast + surge protector

        1. $40

          1. yes

      4. whiteboards

        1. $547.73

          1. yes

      5. water bottle filling stations

        1. $2138.31

          1. 9 -5 - 4

          2. passes

      6. concerns

        1. ⅔ budget relies on b&g

        2. toaster oven?

  5. open floor

    1. are they charging tuition for summer classes?

      1. unknown?

      2. heard from a source within dean’s office

      3. part of FEC -- bullpen maybe?

      4. would DEFO like more info about /credit or /semester

    2. merch?

      1. have budget committee develop a plan

    3. computer science minor?

      1. next curriculum committee meeting is in february