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ESC Meeting 2/10/2020 - (2020-02-10)


Administrative Chairs

Jack Batson (ChE '21)

Carena Toy (BSE '20)

Brighton Hyun (CivE ‘21)


Sanjna Rao (ChE '22) 

Assistant Treasurer

Harper Clees-Baron (BSE '22)


Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME '20)

Assistant Secretary

Ginger Lau (BSE ‘23)

Freshman Reps (2023)

Davud Sulaymankhil (ChE)

Denzil Tintut (CivE) (eddie alt but late)

Moses Bakst (EE) 

Aidan Bowman (ME)

Ginger Lau (BSE) 

Sophomore Reps (2022)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)

Harper Clees-Baron (CE)

Paul Cucchiara  (EE) 

Julia Buckley (ME)  (alt Alexa)

-null- (BSE)

Junior Reps (2021)

Paulo Serodio (ChE)

Bibi Razak (CE)

Sophie Jaro (EE) (abs)

Chaerin Jun (ME)

-null- (BSE)

Senior Reps (2020)

Alex Lee (ChE)

Jared Rogovin (CE)

Rayhan Syed (EE)

Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME)

Yigal Kamel (BSE)

Graduate Rep

Matt Ferreira (EE)



Committee Updates


    • Hiring Process

      • 1 EE, 2 ME, 1 CivE, 1 ChemE

        • Hopefully student input, if you have a strong feeling towards a candidate, SPEAK UP! PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can tell the ad chairs and the deans

    • Support for Bio Engineering Minor

      • Poll sections to see how they feel about it!

      • We currently have 6 professors w/ Bio Engineering Degrees

    • Ask sections how they are (student morale)

  • Curriculum

    • Motion for contact hours tomorrow!

      • Return of contact hours, but not lecture

    • Course Review? Might happen

  • Room 801

    • IS A STUDENT LOUNGE, locked (but apparently not?)

  • Furniture

    • Still waiting on them, “in a few weeks” :c

  • FUN committee

    • Mechanical bull

      • Ask sections

  • HSS Faculty Meeting

    • Meeting tomorrow bc no motions passed last week

  • Plant Committee

Plans for the Semester

  • Open Forum 

    • Wednesday 1 - 2 pm is the only time :c

  • Faculty Auction

    • 3/2 (Monday) 9 pm