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Meeting 2/24/2020 - (2020-02-24)


Administrative Chairs

Jack Batson (ChE '21)

Carena Toy (BSE '20)

Brighton Hyun (CivE ‘21)


Sanjna Rao (ChE '22) 

Assistant Treasurer

Harper Clees-Baron (BSE '22)


Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME '20) (alt Alexa)

Assistant Secretary

Ginger Lau (BSE ‘23) (late)

Freshman Reps (2023)

Davud Sulaymankhil (ChE)

Denzil Tintut (CivE)

Moses Bakst (EE) 

Aidan Bowman (ME)

Ginger Lau (BSE) 

Sophomore Reps (2022)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)

Harper Clees-Baron (CE)

Paul Cucchiara  (EE) 

Julia Buckley (ME)  

-null- (BSE)

Junior Reps (2021)

Paulo Serodio (ChE)

Bibi Razak (CE)

Sophie Jaro (EE) (abs) (alt Rose)

Chaerin Jun (ME)

-null- (BSE)

Senior Reps (2020)

Alex Lee (ChE)

Jared Rogovin (CE)

Rayhan Syed (EE)

Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME)

Yigal Kamel (BSE)

Graduate Rep

Matt Ferreira (EE)



Bio Minor

  • Good feedback, people seem to like it 

Committee Updates


    • New point person for scholarships: Pam Newton

    • Retention

      • Freshmen: above average

      • Overall retention: below average

        • Looking at ways to increase overall retention

    • Dean’s office is the help point for all you may need!

      • No org chart… 

      • Will put you in charge with the right people

  • Admissions Committee

    • Updates on application numbers for 2020 incoming class

    • Admitted students day is april 18

    • Plan to do faculty calls to increase recruitment

    • So many students from NY/NJ

  • Fun

    • Mechanical Bull

      • Maybe 101? Lobby? Foyer?

      • Need volunteers: brighton, denzil, jared, eddie, bibi, julia, moses, aidan

      • Money

        • We have $400 set aside for midsemester

        • Bull costs $1000 - $1500 and student affairs will cover 50%

        • Preliminary amount : $2250 carnival event

          • Friday? Afternoons? Evenings?

    • Student Morale

      • Eddie will create a task force, go DOOR TO DOOR in dorms

  • JED

    • Updates?

    • Another survey/progress on the plans?