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ESC Meeting 3/9/2020 - (2020-03-09)


Administrative Chairs

Jack Batson (ChE '21) (abs)

Carena Toy (BSE '20)

Brighton Hyun (CivE ‘21)


Sanjna Rao (ChE '22) 

Assistant Treasurer

Harper Clees-Baron (BSE '22)


Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME '20)

Assistant Secretary

Ginger Lau (BSE ‘23)

Freshman Reps (2023)

Davud Sulaymankhil (ChE)

Denzil Tintut (CivE)

Moses Bakst (EE)

Aidan Bowman (ME)

Ginger Lau (BSE) 

Sophomore Reps (2022)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)

Harper Clees-Baron (CE)

Paul Cucchiara  (EE) 

Julia Buckley (ME)  

-null- (BSE)

Junior Reps (2021)

Paulo Serodio (ChE)

Bibi Razak (CE) (alt Candy Yuen)

Sophie Jaro (EE) (alt Hannah Quirk)

Chaerin Jun (ME)

-null- (BSE)

Senior Reps (2020)

Alex Lee (ChE) (abs)

Jared Rogovin (CE)

Rayhan Syed (EE)

Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME)

Yigal Kamel (BSE) (abs)

Graduate Rep

Matt Ferreira (EE)




  • Taking precautions

  • We have mechanism set up that if we NEED to close and go online, we can

Committee Updates


    • Faculty Meeting (Wed after Spring Break)

      • What issues can we bring up?

        • Advising

    • Freshmen Retention

      • 10 students left …

        • Is it bc admissions leaving & students getting misinformation?

        • Only 2 were at academic standards meeting, neither of them left

    • Masters

      • Currently 80 applicants

    • Engineering Advisory Council

      • 20+ alumni + academia

      • Will help with curriculum review

  • HSS Committee

    • Cancelled almost ALL meetings (except last one) …

    • Happened last year as well

    • Course proposals at the LAST meeting … prob won’t have time to get through all

  • “Auditor”

    • March 30th room 506 9 pm

      • Discussions!!!

Mental Health

  • Chris Chamberlin

    • talk sessions within engineering school, other 3 schools as well

  • Student Affairs

    • Holds lots of events

  • Drop-In Hours

    • Every Week!

Dean Lunches

  • 3/23 12-2pm with Shoop and Savizky 201A

  • 4/22 12-2 with all three deans Room tbd

    • 15 students, lunch with the dean(s)!

    • First come first served (sign up link coming soon)