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ESC Virtual Meeting 2020/04/06 - (2020-04-06)


Administrative Chairs

Jack Batson (ChE '21) (abs)

Carena Toy (BSE '20)

Brighton Hyun (CivE ‘21)


Sanjna Rao (ChE '22) 

Assistant Treasurer

Harper Clees-Baron (BSE '22) (abs)


Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME '20)

Assistant Secretary

Ginger Lau (BSE ‘23)

Freshman Reps (2023)

Davud Sulaymankhil (ChE) (abs)

Denzil Tintut (CivE) (abs)

Moses Bakst (EE)

Aidan Bowman (ME)

Ginger Lau (BSE) 

Sophomore Reps (2022)

Sanjna Rao (ChE)

Harper Clees-Baron (CE) (abs)

Paul Cucchiara  (EE) (abs)

Julia Buckley (ME)  

-null- (BSE)

Junior Reps (2021)

Paulo Serodio (ChE)

Bibi Razak (CE)

Sophie Jaro (EE) (abs)

Chaerin Jun (ME)

-null- (BSE)

Senior Reps (2020)

Alex Lee (ChE)

Jared Rogovin (CE)

Rayhan Syed (EE)

Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME)

Yigal Kamel (BSE) (abs)

Graduate Rep

Matt Ferreira (EE) (abs)



Sorry was late didn’t get any notification on teams :c

Committee Updates


    • Registration

      • Make sure to attend the registration session TOMORROW (Tuesday) 1 pm EST

        • Zoom meeting, check your emails

      • Also extended dates for registration changes etc

    • Grad students before 3/31

      • Decisions went out thursday

        • Eligible register with REGISTRATION with everyone else if accept offer

    • Dean’s Lunch

      • Thursday 12 -2 pm

    • Student Engagement

      • How to bring people together?

        • A game together?

        • Reach out to section to see what we can do

  • Admissions

    • Updates on admitted students day going virtual

    • Decisions sent out 4/1

  • Mid-Semester Review

    • No eddie :c

      • Hes here!

    • Writing dean shoop meetings agenda/notes

      • Continue with carena (or someone) asking for ESC to bring up points to mention to dean shoop

    • Prioritizing agenda points

      • Talk amongst oneself to decide?

    • Leadership Skills for Ad Chairs

      • Grace Kendall has workshops on leadership

    • Manager Role

      • Makes sure everything gets done, 

    • Everyone has “some kind of role”

      • Divide up roles so everyone has a committee or something to do

    • Ad Chair Roles

      • List out all the current roles, divide and share with others

    • Clarifications

      • Ambassadors

        • “Face of ESC,” attend meetings, send out emails etc

      • Manager

        • Give out tasks and rules, delegate, take on roles, etc

        • Make agenda for shoop meeting

        • Onboard ESC reps, set expectations

    • Handbook for ESC

Design/Misc things

  • ESC website

    • Someone was going to update for us.. And then he took a different position at a different school

    • S-Q-L 

  • Logos?

Faculty Auction?

  • Waiting for eric conley

    • Will try to refund? But we’re not sure if we can because logistics, will update!

    • Background: the money was sent in to student affairs, and the only way to get the money back is to have a receipt, but bc of the nature of faculty auction, there is no receipt…

    • OR business office MIGHT be able to refund students, and all students need to sign up for direct deposit…

Chemistry Faculty Search

  • Last 3 thursdays of April (every Thursday after this week!)

    • Want students to talk to new faculty