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ESC VIRTUAL MEETING - (2020-09-14)

Administrative Chairs

Brighton Hyun (CivE ‘21)

Bibi Razak (CivE '21)

Alexander Cho (CivE'22)



Sanjna Rao (ChE '22) 



Ginger Lau (ME ‘23) 


Eddie Zlotskiy


Freshman Reps (2023)


Gila (CivE) 


Benjamin (ME)

Emma Cohen (BSE) 


Sophomore Reps (2022)

Davud Sulaymankhil (ChE)

Eddie Zlotskiy(CE) 

Moses Bakst (EE) 

Samatha Wu (ME)



Junior Reps (2021)

-null- (ChE)

Ilias Proko (CE)

Paul Cucchiara(EE) 

Julia Buckley (ME)

Brandon Bunt (BSE)


Senior Reps (2020)

Paulo Serodio(ChE)

Ming Zhang (CE)


Chaerin Jun(ME)



Graduate Rep




Committee Elections

Shoop Meeting


Committee Elections -

Committee meetings 

  • You have a voice - use it to give a student perspective

  • → More info

  • Generally occur Tuesday Club Hours 

  • Students and faculty in the same meeting, JSC

Admissions Committee -  REP: Sanjana, Gila & Emma 

  • Discuss engineering admissions

  • Regular meetings (Fontaine said they have not scheduled it yet)

Engineering Curriculum Committee - REP: Jenna & Brandon, ALT: Chaerin 

  • Looking over course proposals and syllabi

  • Review longer ranging department changes (ex. Removing classes or introducing new classes into the curriculum)

  • More fun 

  • Alan Wolf is gone

JAC - Allocates club funding REP: Brighton & Moses, ALT: Benjamin

  • Two reps from each student council + a banker (Harris P. ME’20)

  • Receive bank requests at beginning of the year

  • Send out club funding

  • Have most work at beginning of the year

  • Manage mid-semester funding appeals with clubs (who run out of money or want to run more events)

Shoop Meeting

  • Occurs every Thursday 

  • Fostering community

    • Reps are only required to show up to meetings and vote; highly encouraged to also create virtual communities, spaces, gatherings

      • (ex. Recurring weekly zoom call, FB group chats)

      • Could perhaps request zoom accounts

    • Running more competition and raffles (ex. Spa day, midnight breakfast, jeopardy, chess games)

Action Items:

  • Complete platforms and Polly votes

  • Brighton will try to get a full roster

  • Freshmen reps & new Reps find a way to contact all the people in your section